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Mop the floors 🗹

Cook 🗹

Wife for the husband 

Keep the kids alive 🗹

Don’t lose your ish 🗹

Don’t lose your ish 

Don’t lose your ish 

Kayla is a stay-at-home mom, trying her damnedest to keep it all together. Struggling to balance her needs with those of her husband, three rambunctious boys, and still-on-the-teat baby girl fills her with a level of anxiety no number of to-do lists can help her shake. As the recession threatens her husband’s job and upends their financial stability, Kayla is left to struggle internally while keeping up her public persona of Doer of All the Things. The ups and downs of marital life and motherhood, coupled with the drama of friends and family, start a mental health spiral Kayla is desperate to escape from before the world around her can see it for themselves. One tantrum away from a complete breakdown, Kayla finds herself facing a sobering, life-altering reality that leaves her whispering to herself, “Don’t lose your shit.”

1 review for Dear Diary Ebook

  1. Ally Aldridge

    This story is an easy read. Many mother’s would be able to relate to the drama that unfolds in the diary entries.

    In fact it’s so relatable it’s hard to remember it’s fiction. I felt like I knew Kevia because I knew her character. It’s written like a letter from a close friend. There were moments my heart ached for her troubles, and others when I laughed out loud for her sass.

    When you have young kids you feel like you’re the only one scrambling around trying to hold it together. This book is like a big hug saying, “you’re not alone!”​ This should be gifted at baby showers.

    I gave it 5 stars. It’s easy to read even with little ones constantly interrupting. I’d recommend it to all my mummy friends. You won’t regret reading it.

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