O.K. good folks, we’ve already established that I may have a bit of a planner addiction. Let me just start this post by saying “You haven’t seen anything yet”. I could tell you how much I spent on stickers last year, but I won’t: mainly, because my husband may read this. LOL. Let’s just leave it at, it was a lot. A LOT.

I ordered stickers from 9 different shops on Etsy alone in 2018. Aside from ordering online directly from sticker shops, I also buy stickers in-store and on Amazon. What I’m going to give you in this post are my favorite 3 sticker sources.

Why Stickers

If you are wondering why I need so many stickers the short answer is: I don’t. Planning is one of the most relaxing things I do for myself. It’s how I unwind at 3 a.m. while still feeling completely productive. Decorating my planner is cathartic. Sometimes I’ll decorate a weekly spread based on how I feel. Other times I may decorate it in honor of a season, holiday, or event. No joke, I legit started decorating for the Game of Thrones premiere in April as soon as the stickers came in. (I bought these GOT stickers from AMelancholyMoose. I also got these & these.)

Are planners functional without decorating them? Absolutely! But I say if you can make your life prettier, even in the smallest way, why not? Is there a chance you’ll get addicted to DEK Designs’ hump day sales and Planner Envy‘s subscription box reveals? Yes, but I dare say that there are worse things to be addicted to. (Although, in the spirit of honesty, I did consider selling my toaster for a No Haters sticker set from DEK one Wednesday.)

DEK Designs

DEK Designs is one of my favorite sticker shops. I order a ridiculous amount of stickers from them. Sometimes, I order directly from their website. They have a shop on Amazon, I order from there as well. They even have a shop on Etsy and you guessed it: I order from there too!

DEK Designs has beautiful, high-quality stickers. Their kits are not very expensive, but even if they were it would be well worth the price.  I’ve actually split several of the 5-6 page kits from DEK Designs in half and decorated a full weekly spread in my Happy Planner and my Erin Condren.


DEK Designs No Haters sticker set. Click here to order from their website. Don’t forget to go get a PR girl code for discounts and cute freebies.


As you can see from my gorgeous selfie, my melanin is popping. My absolute favorite feature from DEK Designs is that they give you the option of choosing the skin tone you desire on nearly all of their kit options. You know what, I take that back. My ABSOLUTE favorite thing about DEK Designs is their sales. Every week they have sales on their website and Etsy. The best part is……. it’s completely different sales. Each Wednesday Hump Day sales get you a free kit with a minimum purchase at their online shop. Then Friday comes along and you can get a different free kit from their Etsy shop with a minimum purchase. (Usually, the minimum purchase is $15. I’ve never seen it higher than $20)

On top of amazing sales, DEK Designs frequently hosts giveaways via Instagram. You can also get discount codes and cute freebies by following their PR girls on Instagram.

If I had to give a con for DEK Designs it would be their processing/shipping time. Amazon prime has ruined me. I want everything in two days. EVERYTHING. I hate waiting for my stickers to get in, but I can’t stop ordering them.

Edited to add that I removed the DEK Designs links. I had an unpleasant experience and no longer order from them.


This post may contain affiliate links. All that means is I earn a small fee when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. (view full affiliate disclosure here)


Planner Envy

Planner Envy is another sticker shop that I love. They also operate via website (here) and Etsy (here). Planner Envy has the best subscription box I’ve tried so far. The stickers are gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I ordered Planner Envy‘s trial subscription box through Etsy and I cannot express how pleased I was with it. It has taken every bit of my will power not to sign up to get them automatically (and I’m pretty sure my will power is running low).


Planner Envy’s December subscription box               (not including the freebies and coupons )

I ordered the subscription box for December and fell in love. Not only was it packaged beautifully, but the stickers were high quality as well. The sticker kits and extras were more than I expected. Each box contains a mix of 2-3 kits and comes with various matching planner accessories. One kit easily has enough stickers to decorate two full weeks. My box was stuffed with extra stickers samples and coupons.

Outside of the subscription boxes, Planner Envy also has a large collection of individual sticker sheets as well. I ordered a beautiful Winter Snowflakes mini kit and some cute functional work stickers from them as well.

Follow Planner Envy on Instagram here or on Etsy here for discount codes and sales.


Happy Planner Stickers

Confession: I buy stickers from anywhere and everywhere. I’ve even used stickers from the dollar tree to decorate my many planners. But when I say Create365/me and my BIG ideas/ The Happy Planner stickers are my go to, I mean it. They’ve put out a sticker book for every area of your life. Love mermaids? There’s a book for you. Into astronomy? Yep, there’s a book for that. Home-life, business, sports, travel, budget, food, seasons, floral, doodles, wellness, fitness: I mean you name it and there’s a sticker book to fit it.


We’re not going to discuss how many sticker books I used/purged before I took this picture. We are also not going to discuss how many sticker books I’ve bought since I took this picture.

Happy Planner stickers are available online through their website, but they are also in stores all over the country. I have literally purchased every single happy planner sticker book I own from either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. The best part about buying them at one of those two stores is that they are either: A) on sale or B) you can use (at minimum) a 40% off coupon. Click here to follow The Happy Planner on Instagram to stay up to date on new releases.

Full transparency, I’ve pulled out clumps of hair in frustration trying to find certain sticker books in the store. The worst part, or the best part, is that even then I still end up finding another one I like to take home.

This is a 1/2 week in my Happy   Planner. All of the stickers are from           the free spirit sticker book.

All in all

You won’t be disappointed with the beauty, functionality, or quality of any of the shops I’ve listed. All three are consistently amazing. I am currently in the process of relocating (YAY!!!) and in the spirit of fiscal responsibility, I banned myself from buying stickers all throughout January. Did I stick to my guns? Well, If by stick to my guns you mean: Did I hold off on signing up for a Planner Envy subscription box until the big move is over? Then yes, yes I did. If by stick to my guns you mean: Did I only place two orders from DEK Designs in January? Then yes, yes I did. If by stick to my guns you mean: Did I buy fewer stickers from Hobby Lobby *and* Michaels last month? Then yes, yes I did. I know, I’m proud of me too!

Instead of judging me, go start a #gofundme to help support my sticker habit. If you haven’t read Confessions of a Planner Addict Pt. 1 you can check it out here. Comment below and tell me about your favorite sticker shop.

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