Two facts about me that affect my life daily: I am a mother and I am an introvert. Unfortunately, this means I spend a lot of time having mini-meltdowns because I can’t get five minutes of quiet time to re-calibrate. I know many moms struggle with the need to be away from everyone, including their kids, for certain periods of time to be their best self. Unfortunately, many of them (myself included) are lacking the resources and support they need to even make such getaways feasible.

As a SAHM who homeschools, I am literally with my kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY. My husband works 12-hour shifts and once you toss in his commute to and from work we usually get to enjoy about 2-2.5 hours of him being awake before he’s sleeping for his next shift. There are days when I am so tired of kids and sounds that when he walks in, I walk out. On days like that I don’t even turn on the radio in the car. I’ve spent a many random nights wandering aimlessly around Books A Million drinking a mocha. Those books and mochas add up though. Eventually, I had to find a way to reset at home without spending money (or at least not too much).

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#1 Bible Reading and Prayer

First thought. DUH! Its pretty self-explanatory. I can always recognize the days I skipped over one or both of these by the mid-day meltdowns usually brought on by hearing the word “Mom” for the thousandth time since breakfast. (I found my prayer journal here and the My Creative Bible here)

#2 Adult Coloring Books

Actually, any coloring book will do. I spent a lot of years coloring animals, Ninja Turtles, and superheroes before adult coloring books hit the market. When you can color will depend on your lifestyle. Apparently, I am part vampire so I usually end up coloring at 3 a.m. when my entire house is asleep. (Find my favorite color pencils here)

#3 Reading

Bibliophiles this one is for you! Read, read, read. I’m not talking about reading self-help books or informational drudge-fest either. I mean a good, juicy book that can pull you in and help you ignore those tiny little fingers reaching under the door (I know my kids aren’t the only ones that do this when locked out).  Sometimes I prevent mommy meltdowns but handing out tablets and sneaking off to read. My kids get limited T.V. and tablet time so this little tactic is guaranteed to get me all the quiet reading time I need to reset. Judge me all you want. I bet The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo will make you slide your kid a screen too!  Better a screen than being emotionally scarred by your rage mommy because she needed 20 minutes of quiet time to reset.

#4 Bubble Baths

I know we live in the age of the ‘mom shower’ but sometimes we need a good quiet soak in a tub full of hot water. A bag of Dr. Teal’s and a good book is all you really need. Any soak or bubble bath will do. I recommend you do this after bedtime to prevent the added frustration of kicking a kid out every 2 and 1/2 minutes.

#5 Journaling

When you’ve spent your whole day being bombarded by people (yes, kids are people too silly) and sounds sometimes the last thing you want to do is vent to anyone. Entering stage left……your handy-dandy notebook! Journals are quiet. They are amazing at keeping secrets. Best of all, journals are a judgment-free zone, excluding the judgments you yourself make in them.

Final Thoughts

We all need time to ourselves. Your desire for quiet or space does not make you a bad person or a neglectful mom. You are human. We are our best as mothers when we are our best selves. PERIOD. And sometimes your best self just wants to be left alone!

Leave a comment about your favorite way to re-boot!

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