to my cozy little section of the internet. This place is intended for:


Mothers of every form and fashion



Planner addicts

People who recognize tea’s supremacy over coffee

Pluviophiles (look it up)

People who like to color in their Bibles

And finally, my favorite kind of crazies, The people out there who actually choose to write when doing almost anything else would probably be easier.


     About Me

I have been cursed with an insatiable desire to read EVERYTHING. And while I do enjoy discussing the things I read about, I don’t necessarily like talking to people all the time (hence the writing). Fun facts: I am a rock star, domestic engineer. I homeschool and cry a lot about never being able to pee alone. If my life was an exercise in compare and contrast I’d be: Reading over sleeping, alone over company, and rain over sunshine. In an effort to shake things up, I recently relocated to Houston, TX with my amazing husband and our four beautiful kids. Consider me thoroughly shook.

Unfortunately, there is nothing shakier than my tumultuous relationship with writing. I love doing it, but after a publishing horror story, I hate presenting my work to the world. Pray for me. My current WIP features a witty SAHM going through quite the quarter-life crisis. Hopefully, you’ll meet her soon!